Middle School Electives

Electives meet twice a week for one trimester. Students may partake in programs of interest on a more intensive level of study.

Trimester I

Ceramics-Learn the basic process of making articles form clay and firing them
in the kiln. Students will learn basic techniques of clay building, glazing, and managing a kiln. Inspiration will come from a trip to a local pottery.

Drawing and Painting-Learn the basic art of drawing , shading and showing the texture of an object. Students will finalize this class by creating a watercolor sketch in their own style and expanding their knowledge of blending colors.

Trimester II

Clay Construction-Learn the dynamics of building in clay. Create clay structures of sizable proportions. Students  will expand their knowledge of clay construction, including centering on a potter's wheel.

Print Making-Learn the art of printmaking and all of its different aspects. students will create monoprints, blockprints, and silk screen using stencils.

Trimester III

Sculpture-Learn the art of building in 3 dimensions. Students will create sculptures with a variety of materials. We will create a marble run using recycled materials, a reed sculpture decorated with colored tissue paper and a wire form decorated with handmade paper.

Acrylic on Canvas-Learn the art of painting on a canvas surface. Students will learn to mix colors and paint with acrylic paints. A trip to the Southern Vermont Arts Center and visits from local artists will inspire our creative images.