Artist Residencies

Jane Davies
Collage Artist

This is Jane Davies. She came to work with our students on several collage projects. The Third Fourth Grade worked on handmade books, the First Grade created a mobile of collage fish, and the Kindergarten built collage robots.

Candy Barr
Tile Muralist

The whole school, K-8, worked on this tile mural. The 4 trees represent the 4 seasons. It was hard work, but the entryway to our school is something to be proud of.

Roger Hyndman
Solar Printmaker

Rodger Hyndman taught our 7th an 8th grade Printing electives students how to use the sun's rays to create great printing plates.

Daniel Richmond
Wood Carver

Daniel taught us how to safely carve with wood. We carved an incredible mural of hands. Everybody in the sixth grade got to carve their hand in the boards that made up this mural.